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Transform your HR Operations to be 100x More Efficient & Faster

Chatbot are bots that are designed to simulate actual conversations with humans. Humanware Chatbots interacts with your employees and takes care of all mundane tasks and your staff does strategic thinking. It basically makes the communication easy and it is the most common way is to speed up the process of search. You can set chatbot to ask for reports and status updates from your team, to ask custom questions, to set up custom reports, and many more.

HR Chatbot that can interact with employees and assist them with routine tasks and queries. our HR chatbots are trained on HR use cases, primarily to do a host of repeatable and logical tasks like answering queries on policies, personal details on leave, salary, perks and any other details available in the database.

Chatbot Features



Humanware HR chatbots accessible to all your employees anytime, anywhere.


Keeps your Staff Engaged

The Humanware HR bot helps you reach your salary slips, or any document on demand.


HR be your Buddy

Our self-service portal brings your HR closer to you with multiple entities at the same time.


Instant response

With the chatbot eliminates the waiting between asking a question and receiving an answer.


Personalized experience

Our AI engine allows personalized interactions with every employee in a fraction of second.


24/7 Assistant

It responds immediately to the queries round the clock with the required information.