• Humanware HR Software that has a unique social media page that continually updates with company information and news.

Socialization Features

Social Connection

Humanware social HR Integrates all workplace activity and bring your workforce closer with Social Profiles, Social Wall, Activity Streams, Notifications etc.

Sharing & Collaboration

Sharing a wide variety of content through Article & News Manager, Document Management, Blogging Platform and Events to get real results.

Employee Engagement

A full feature humanware internal social network with abilities to post messages to specific groups, conduct polls and create calendar events.

Interactive Updates

With humanware social platform has an interactive update feed where organizational related all new posts and announcements can be seen easily.

Instant Notification

The cloud based humanware hrms software enables HR to set up notifications that notify employees that new positions for courses or jobs are open.

Social Collaboration for Projects

Humanware Social collaboration is a really effective to fast-track projects and add to induction or training. Its easy to access a project file from anywhere & anytime.

Configured to suit you

Colours, logo, rating scales, manager roles & more these changes are all easily managed by you and come standard with any humanware platform.

Promote Ideas

Your people can share their goals with each other, get assistance on projects, promote company strategies, hire for new roles internally with ease.

collaborative workforce

Humanware It's designed to boost your organisation's employee engagement, development and help you build a stronger, more collaborative workforce.