Why HR should embracing social media in organization

Everyone wants to stay connected. Whether it be with family or people we know from the office. In the upcoming years social media has spread rapidly and has undergone major changes. Social media in the workplace is almost inevitable. Instead of controlling your employees' use of social media, encourage them to use it productively. Demonstrate and reinforce the ways in which social media can improve employees and the workplace at large. Think of the use of social media in the workplace as a performance issue. Employees should focus on their performance rather than whether or not they can take a selfie. Socializing the employee and enrolling them in the organization is much different. An engaged employee is 30 times more likely to perform than other employees.

What is socialization?

Employee socialisation is the process by which new employees learn about the company's regulations, corporate culture, organization structures, and how to work effectively within it.Developing programs and policies that integrate new employees into the business helps the business maintain a cohesive corporate culture. Socialization helps employees to communicate better This is just one way to harness the power of social media to benefit your business. Here are some other ways that using social media in the workplace can benefit your organization.

Benefits of social media in workspace

Like every other technological medium, social media has its on pro’s and con’s. Human resources and talent management professionals can lead within their organizations by introducing innovative social media tools to recruit, retain and develop their employees. Socializing also helps companies to be more innovative and flexible.

1. Discover and deliver information

Social media can help employees cope with a difficult work problem. Social media also serves a role as a learning module. If an employee has a problem they can't seem to solve, social media can be the answer. Asking a question on social media is a quick and easy way to get multiple possible solutions. Even if none of the responses are used to resolve the problem, the information they provide may trigger a new solution. Whenever you need a fresh perspective, social media is a great method to access a lot of them fast, conveniently, and for free. Employees can use social media as a form of communication to discover and provide work-related information.Social media portal in the workplace is another way for employees to find relevant information at work or discover knowledge that can help in their work. It is also a way for your employees to disclose information about your business. This transmission of information can help brand recognition and open up new recruitment and business opportunities.

2. Improves employee recognition

Social media is a great way to recognize and reward employee accomplishments, both internally and externally. Businesses can use social media to highlight exceptional performance, work anniversaries, new employees, and more. This recognition allows team members to interact, which contributes to team cohesion. Employees can congratulate themselves, stay on top of current company events, and interact with more of their peers. The interaction and awareness offered by social media can improve overall employee morale. Employees who are more engaged in their company and their coworkers are more likely to stay in that company. Social media can reduce your business's budget for employee engagement activities.

3. Cushion for employee engagement

Taking an occasional break from work is not something to be discouraged. Many employers already encourage employees to take periodic short breaks to increase employees productivity. Allowing employees to use social media simplifies these breaks rather than going to the break room to read the newspaper or interrupting another employee's work to talk to them. by using organizations' social platform companies indirectly engage their employees in the organization.

4. Boosts organizational productivity

Many corporate professionals believe that social media can have a negative impact on the productivity of their business. In fact, social media can actually unlock productive potential that your employees haven't yet explored. While many businesses use social media, most don't use it to its full potential. If companies fully implemented the use of social media, they could increase employee productivity by 20-25%. sharing the thought All businesses want their employees to be more productive. Social media is an inexpensive and easy to implement method that can positively affect the productivity of your business.

5. Support to make professional connections

Through inhouse social media sites, your employees can strengthen their professional relationships with people inside the company. These relationships can therefore lead to opportunities that otherwise would not be available.Sales leads, employment interest, business prospects, and fresh ideas can all be generated with more and better interactions. LinkedIn is specifically aimed at these types of connections and has a multitude of obvious business uses.


When you understand that employees will inevitably use social media at work, you can focus on how to steer them towards the benefit of your business, rather than how to fight it. At Humanware, we encourage employees to post stories about their successes at work and like company posts or share on social media if they choose - this is strictly optional and we make it very clear. However, we love it when they do, because we know that no matter how trustworthy we are as a brand, there is always a natural skepticism that comes with having a product to sell. However, when an employee posts about their employer, people tend to view it as more honest, even though they know the employee is being paid by the company.