• Training and Learning Module in Humanware HRMS make existing skills sharp, introduce new concepts and knowledge to improve employee performance.

Training Features

Web-based Training Platform

With our Humanware training module your employees get the option of logging-in from anywhere and from any device to complete their assigned training.

Centralize Organization’s Data

The humanware training and learning management software allows easy maintenance and management of all the training metrics on a single platform.

Reduce Training Costs

With Humanware software, Training of different departments becomes easy because it is done from a single place through single sign on (SSO).

Certification management

Employee can track and manage certification programs for industries that require employee certification to perform specific job functions.

On-demand e-learning

On-demand e-learning Content is easily accessible via the Web to employees with login credentials, and training can be completed at the individuals own pace.

Advanced Reporting

Advanced reporting Employers can use built-in reporting capabilities to discover how popular certain courses are through our training module.

Mobile Learning

Humanware Mobile learning Learners can access crucial content to complete trainings through their phones, such as course materials, quizzes or messages from their trainer.

Content creation

Content creation Allows users to design and deliver courses and assignments using tools included in our training software, such as the ability to upload documents or videos.

Ability to train more employees

With humanware learning module training can easily be scaled up to include more employees than would be feasible using traditional, in-person training.