• Humanware's Organisation Chart software helps organisations map out their company structure quickly and easily.
    Organization Chart

Organizational Chart Features

Easy workforce planning

Humanware organization chart make your org chart look great, Create multiple private org charts to manage hiring plans, perform succession planning, and more.

Automated Org Chart Software

Humanware Keep your org chart up to date automatically by integrating with your other employee systems. You can easily import data and make changes on the fly.

Interactive Staff Directory

Humanware fully native apps for iOS and Android, you’ll have the entire company in your pocket. Quickly find the right person and their contact info using the photo directory.

Enable Workforce Planning

Visualize your future hiring plans, succession plans, and reorganizations using multiple organizational structure charts with humanware organizational chart.

Cross-Functional Creator

Humanware Organize teams by products, projects, or customer segments. Use custom fields to add additional data to your org chart, such as team goals, employee skills.

Reduce Errors

The positions once created shall stay even if it is vacant, reducing the chances of multiple entries and errors. We shall assist you in improvising your data integrity.

Organised Hierarchical Structure

Once the hierarchical relationships in the firm is defined into our software, it will remain constant even if the position is vacant.

Plan Your Future Changes

Get a global view of your data in one click with an Humanware organization chart. Plan for future departures and arrivals in your company also easily create future positions.

Improve your HR management

With easily synchronizing data we Create and implement your organization charts and save time with humanware Organization Chart module.