• An easy Humanware employee onboarding software helps you ensure your new hires get off to a great start with digitally.
    Hiring Onboarding

Hiring Onboarding Features

Personalize Employee Portals

Humanware helps your new hires would love to know more about the company and job they're signing up for and Welcome them with personalized pages.

Gain Accurate Insights

Humanware Onboarding software gives simpler, easier applicant tracking with reports categorized by status like offered, accepted, declined.

Instant Notifications

Automatically notify new hires when they need to submit a document or fill in any details. When they accept your offer, you can instantly update them with in detail information.

New-Hire Checklist

Easily create checklists and shared tasks so that whenever you onboard a new employee, you can ensure that they get everything they need.

Accept applications online

Candidates can quickly fill in detail information, upload documents, and accept their job offers. Each stage of the process taking only minutes to complete.

Send Digital Offer Letter

After completing all documentation online, we send digital offer letter through welcome mails to your new employees within a short period of time.

Background Verification

Now you can set background verification vendors on the system and also control the visibility of your candidate’s information easily.

Track their progress

onboarding software gives your new hires an overview of how they're improving during those first few months on the job.

Build Instant connections

Help your new joiners interact with their future team, and let your existing employees share their experiences with new hires.